Do You Need to Cut a Pavement Trench?

Pavements form a vital part of every town. They provide a safe way for pedestrians to walk to local shopping areas or any other areas within the town. However, like most other structures, there will come a time when work needs to be carried out. Perhaps, there are repairs needed to the pavement surface, or more likely, there is a need to install new cables or pipework below the pavement. When work is needed below pavements, the solution is to dig pavement trenches.

What are pavement trenches?

A contractor might need to dig pavement trenches to lay a cable, fix a leaking pipe, or upgrade an electrical system. All of these will require access below the pavement, and cutting through the paving slabs or asphalt to create a trench is the easiest way to achieve that. To cut through the asphalt or concrete, you will need a saw. You could use a standard road saw to cut the trench, but it is usually more effective to use a trencher road saw. A trencher road saw halves the amount of work required since it employs two parallel blades and allows you to set the desired width between the blades.  

Filling pavement trenches

Cutting pavement trenches involves more than digging a hole. You must employ a professional trench cutting company who can complete the job safely and without creating a hazard for their workers or those who will use the pavement once the work is finished. Stages that could be part of filling pavement trenches include.

  • Grinding off the pavement
  • Cleaning and removal of debris
  • Adding tack oil and asphalt
  • Applying full compression with a roller

Why expertise matters

Some of these stages you may be able to complete on your own or with the help of a general maintenance company, but is that a good idea? The pavement is a critical piece of infrastructure. No one wants the pavement closed for more than the absolute minimum amount of time. You will also want to ensure that all work on the pavement is done to a high standard. To ensure that both speed and quality are maintained, you must call a company with plenty of experience working with pavement trenches. They will have qualified and experienced staff, along with suitable equipment to complete all of the work satisfactorily, within the agreed timescale. Attempting to work alone could lead to endless delays or poor quality work.