Why Epoxy Coatings Are a Perfect Choice for Your Residential Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Are you thinking about resurfacing your residential concrete driveway but can't decide what type of protective coating you should apply on the driveway? Here's what would make epoxy coatings a great choice for your resurfacing.

They are hard wearing.

Concrete driveway contractors in many parts of Australia favour epoxy coatings because they give a lustrous finish with superior sturdiness and abrasion resistance. Most traditional epoxies are two-part surface coating systems that require mixing of an epoxy resin and a hardener at the proper ratio before application. Once the epoxies have cured properly, they create a hard, non-porous coating that also provides maximum protection against water permeation into the concrete.

Therefore, if you're looking for a protective coating system that can hold out against the extremes of driveway use, epoxies would be an ideal choice.

They are stain-resistant.

Concrete driveways are prone to staining by hot tyres, as well as spilled motor oil, grease, and fuel. These elements can leave behind unsightly marks that may be difficult to remove if left unattended for a long time.

Applying epoxy coatings on your concrete driveway is an effective way to protect it from permanent staining. As these coatings create a hard, impervious surface on the concrete, spillages won't infiltrate and stain the concrete.

They are easy to maintain.

As epoxy coatings provide a smooth finish, they make it easy to keep concrete driveways clean. Any spillage can be effortlessly cleaned out with a rag, and the driveway can be hosed down without worrying about the potential for water damage.

They can add to the kerb appeal of the property.

Most of today's home owners want a driveway that is functional, but also nice-looking. Epoxy coatings for driveway resurfacing projects are available in an extensive selection of aesthetic finishes, including decorative epoxy resinous overlays, multi-coloured quartz floors, metallic epoxies, and many more, so that driveway owners can easily find a product that will make their driveway and landscape look beautiful.

They can be tailored to offer outstanding skid resistance.

Epoxy coatings mixed high quality aggregates such as silicon carbide and quartz can provide excellent skid resistance throughout their lifespan. This makes driveways safe for both vehicular and foot traffic.

As you've read yourself, epoxy coatings offer a number of essential perks to home owners with concrete driveways. If you are convinced that these coatings are a perfect match for your driveway resurfacing, you should contact a concrete driveway contractor today to get your quote.