The Many Benefits of Soakwells

Soakwells are underground tanks that gather rainwater and then allow it to seep gradually into the surrounding soil. What are some of the reasons for installing such a tank?

Soil erosion

One of the environmental problems caused by stormwater is soil erosion. When the water is allowed to pour away down gutters and simply cascade over the soil wherever it lands, it can begin to wash the soil away. Over time this can lead to serious erosion of the soil, damaging the structure and the soil itself. Where the soil has been paved over it can still be washed away, leading to uneven and loose paving that can be a danger to anyone who walks on it. By allowing the excess water to seep away gradually, soakwells will keep this erosion to an absolute minimum.


Another problem that can be caused by mismanaged rainwater is flooding. When rain falls on a patch of earth it usually soaks into the ground and gradually drains away. On a built-up area, however, it will gather in pools until it finally finds a patch of soil to flow into. This soil will then have too much water to cope with, and will consequently be liable to flooding. Soakwells will prevent the water from gathering on the pavements and driveways and will allow it to drain gradually into the soil without causing floods.

Building damage

A third problem that can be caused by rainwater is damage to buildings. If the water remains above ground it can pool against concrete or cement and thereby weaken the foundations or structure of a building. In order to preserve the building's integrity, it will be necessary to find a way of drawing the water away from any buildings and return it to the ground naturally. A soakwell will remove the water from any surrounding structures to ensure they are not damaged.


Finally, in some parts of Australia it is a legal obligation that any rainwater must be retained on-site and must not be allowed to flow into neighbouring properties or into public areas. One way of complying with the law is to install a soakwell, which will contain the water underground before allowing it to return gradually into the soil on the site.

Soakwells have enormous environmental benefits and will help you comply with any legislation in your area. A specialist company will help identify what is the best solution for your own property.

Reach out to a local soakwell service for more information.